Tabletop Wine Opener

Did you know that using a tabletop wine opener will make every wine opening event a truly enjoyable experience? This is true. Using a tabletop wine opener makes your life a bit easier by allowing you to open wine bottles in seconds without using a great amount of strength.

Since it has been designed to be mounted on nearly all types of tables, you will find it very convenient to use being within reach whenever you needed to open a wine bottle.

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Tabletop wine openers have been designed with lever-pull design technology, which makes for a fast and convenient method of opening wine bottles. All you need to do is to position the wine bottle in the device and easily pull the handle in order for the cork to be pulled out.

If you wanted to re-cork your wine, all you have to do is to push the lever and your wine bottle will again be sealed. With the tabletop wine opener you need not worry about centering a corkscrew through the cork and using extra strength to pull it out of the bottle. The tabletop wine opener can help you perform this task with ease and convenience.

Most of the tabletop wine opener features a suction system that instantly secures the device onto your tabletop. This allows you to use the device without fear of it being toppled over or being detached from the tabletop. In fact, its suction system has been designed to stick to most table surfaces with a great degree of strength that you would think it is part of the table itself.

It also features an easy to grip lever that gently fits into your hand. This ergonomically designed lever allows you to use the tabletop wine opener without putting too much strain on your hands. It is so gentle to the feel that you would think it has been designed exclusively for your hands.

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Perhaps the best thing about the tabletop wine opener is that it is able to accommodate nearly all sizes of wine bottles. It features a mechanism that allows it to be adjusted so that it will be able to open small bottles, as well as large wine bottles. The tabletop wine opener is definitely perfect for any occasion requiring wine bottles to be opened in rapid succession.

I have a tabletop wine opener that I use whenever my friends and family come over to my house to celebrate. Having this amazing device definitely allowed me to spend more time with my guests than waste a lot of time opening wine bottles with a corkscrew.

The really fascinating thing is that even my guests took to opening the wine bottles themselves using my tabletop wine opener because they find it really enjoyable to do so. I am very satisfied with my tabletop wine opener that I recommend you get one for your home.

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